15 Aziende grossiste

Un consorzio cooperativo che raggruppa 135 aziende agricole

Il più grande impianto fotovoltaico su tetto d’Europa.

43.750 pannelli solari per una superficie di 100.000mq, pari a 14 campi da calcio

Sistema di Monitoraggio Igienico Sanitario

Ogni anno vengono effettuate più di 100.000 analisi chimiche nell'abito del piano di monitoraggio igienico sanitario

200 Varietà di prodotti ortofrutticoli in vendita ogni anno.

Welcome to CAAB

Built with an eye on innovation, CAAB is a large structure, aiming to carry on the long-established commercial tradition of Bologna. CAAB houses the fruit and vegetable market, one of the biggest structures for fruit and vegetable distribution in Italy. The CAAB centre also comprises of warehouses for frozen and fresh goods, covered and protected logistic platforms and supporting structures and offices.

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Please come and visit F.I.CO Eataly World, daily open between 10 a.m.- 24.00 p.m! 


Fabbrica Italiana Contadina

FICO is an organization which encloses a unique environment of local traditions, influenced by a culture of high quality food. And is furthermore enhanced by competent people, with daily experience in the agricultural sectorFICO – Fabbrica Italiana Contadina is a venue, representing high-value products, directly connected to the true Italian roots. In practice, these roots are directly connected to the rich agricultural soil of Italy. The uniqueness of the Italian territory and climate, in combination with the expertise of agriculturalists, possessing the knowledge of how to treat mother nature products, turn Italy’s best products into high-quality cuisine. Resulting in Italy’s cuisine to be the best in the world. FICO Eataly World is an interactive environment, which lectures on food and biodiversity education. And where you may find the wonders of Italian food and wine. Explained from the start of the product, until being served on a plate or in a glass. We welcome hundreds of small and medium Italian businesses, which display the art of product manufacturing in a live setting. We are visualizing the stories of Italy; of crafts, of passion, of genius. To let the taste and the beauty of our country be told to all the citizens of the world.

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 www.eatalyworld.it/en – click here for further informations and applications

Andrea Segrè e Patrizio Roversi


Watch four videos explaining FICO Eataly World (CAAB Scpa President prof. Andrea Segrè interviewed by Patrizio Roversi) – IN ITALIAN ONLY

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Bologna, the City of Food – Eataly World

Click on the image to watch the video, explaining the Eataly World Bologna project – Bologna, the city of Food.

Projects for innovation

CAAB partner PAES Bologna

CAAB is a signatory partner of the “ Protocol of Understanding for the implementation of the PAES – Action Plan for Sustainable Energy” and it has activated some projects aimed to environmental sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

City of Food is Bologna

CAAB participates in the project City of Food. Click on the logo to discover the details of the project.

Corporate philosophy


 One of the main objectives of CAAB is to support the local community.  Which is expected to succeed via multiple strategical implementations and actions. Read>> 


Internationalization provides the main opportunity to develop the traditional commerce of fresh food and agricultural products. Read>> 


CAAB is a well-structured organisation, completely self-sufficient and sustainable.  Dedicated to win the fight against waste of resources and to increase the efficiency and saving of energy. Read >> 


CAAB’s studies and analyses on the efficient use of energy and Smart energy management, are selected in order to draw a suitable strategic direction for CAAB and the metropolitan area of Bologna. Read>> 
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In this section it is possible to consult CAAB offerings. Calls for tenders section

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The Fruit and Vegetable Market in Bologna publishes and advertises the daily sales list of fruit and vegetables, which are traded during the day. The price determination of products is legitimately carried out by qualified personnel, and is in accordance with both sellers and buyers of the particular product. Subscribe
Private sales at the CAAB market Some days a week, CAAB is open for citizens to do their personal grocery shopping. Opening hours

Seasonal recommendations

Indepth information of fruits and vegetables in season: the best months for consumption, tasty recipes and tips for the use and conservation of seasonal products. Recommendations of the season section
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