Online subscriptions

The cost of a subscription to daily price-lists is € 122.00 per year, VAT included.

Payment should be made to:

CAAB SpA, Via Paolo Canali, 16 – Bologna, VAT no. 02538910379

– by bank transfer at EMILBANCA SpA Bank – CAAB branch, IBAN code no. IT77 X070 7202 4100 3300 0177 789;

– cash, directly to the accountancy offices, from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Payment should mention: “subscription to CAAB price-lists”, as well as your full name as a subscriber.

Upon payment receipt, CAAB will send an e-mail with the password to visit its price-lists and will issue an invoice.

The password is confidential and its use is strictly reserved to subscribers: any inappropriate use may cause service interruption.

For further information, please contact the Price Control Office:

Phone +39 051 2860338 – Fax +39 051 2860351 – E-mail


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